Commitment to quality with the customer

For the ACS Group, which works in an industry with high technical sophistication, quality represents a fundamental competitive advantage over the competition.

Quality management at the ACS Group is decentralized, whereby each company is responsible for managing quality. Although each company has the autonomy to manage quality according to their interests, a series of common lines of action have been identified:

The improvement targets customarily set are as follows:

  • Establishment of objectives and regular assessment of compliance therewith.
  • Development of actions aimed at improving the quality of the services provided.
  • Performance of actions in collaboration with suppliers and subcontractors to improve quality.
  • In order to move forward in this regard, most Group companies have a quality management system. These systems are audited on a regular basis to verify compliance with the benchmark standard, customarily ISO 9001.

Obtain and expand the scope of the certifications, especially with regard to developing a new technique or expanding activities to a new geographical area.

  • Implement tools to improve management.
  • Improve specific performance indicators.
  • Improve the training of supervisors, operators and works managers.
  • Increase customer satisfaction indices, reducing complaints due to problems in execution and incidents.
  • Comply with delivery periods, adjusting to quality expectations.
  • Investment in measures to promote and improve quality.

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