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ACS, ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCIÓN Y SERVICIOS, S.A., the owner of the domain and the website, in its capacity as an information society service provider, is a Spanish listed company and parent of Grupo ACS, with Tax Identification Code A-28004885, registered office at Avenida de Pío XII, 102, Madrid, and registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid on Sheet M-30221.

For more information, please contact us by telephone on +34 913439200, or via the following email address

ACS, ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCIÓN Y SERVICIOS, S.A. and all the companies forming part of Grupo ACS, are bound by the Grupo ACS General Code of Conduct. If you would like to report irregular conduct or any violation of the General Code of Conduct regulations by any of the Grupo ACS companies, please contact the General Code of Conduct Monitoring Committee via the website or by post at Canal Ético, Grupo ACS, Av. Pío XII 102, 28036 Madrid, España.

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