The ACS combines its business aims with the objective of protecting the environment and appropriately managing the expectations of its stakeholders in this area.

The ACS Environmental Policy defines the general principles which must be adhered to, but are sufficiently flexible to accommodate the elements of policy and planning development by the companies in the various business areas, and fulfill the requirements of the most recent version of the standard ISO 14001, and other commitments by the companies to other environmental standards, such as EMAS, or standards relating to their Carbon Footprint or Water Footprint. Within this Policy, the following commitments are established:

1. To comply with the applicable legislation and standards in general, and other voluntary commitments entered into in each of the Branches, Delegations, Projects, Jobs and Services of the ACS Group.

2. To prevent contamination, by assessing the potential environmental risks at every stage of a project, job or service, with the aim of designing processes which minimize environmental impact as far as possible.

3. To continuously improve management of environmental activities, by setting and following up on environmental goals.

4. To strive for transparency in external communications, by periodically publishing information about environmental initiatives to all interest groups, catering for their demands and expectations, either in compliance with regulations or independently.

5. To enhance skills and raise awareness, by providing training and educational activities to employees, suppliers, clients and other interest groups.

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