Giving back to society

One of the main objectives of the Group is to create value in the environments in which it operates, acting as a driver of economic and social development that serves to generate new opportunities for infrastructure development. The commitment of permanence and joint growth combined with the open dialog with its stakeholders gives the Group companies a clear competitive advantage when it comes to generating relationships based on trust in the operating environments.

To maximize the creation of value, ACS prioritizes the use of local resources, which favors the exchange of knowledge, the transfer of technology and the growth of an industrial network that helps economic growth and contributes to social welfare. Thus, the Group contributes to social improvement from two perspectives:

1. By contributing with through its business activity to the development of society through the creation of value, local development and the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals.
2. Through its social action that is articulated following the Group’s business strategy, which allows it to be maintained over the long term.

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