General Information

ACS, ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCIÓN Y SERVICIOS, S.A. (ACS), located at Avda. de Pío XII, 102, 28036, Madrid -Spain-, TAX ID (NIF) number A28004885 and telephone 913439200, processes personal data for a variety stakeholder categories in order to perform certain business activities. At all times, we observe and comply with the current regulations applicable to such data processing, pursuant to: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR), the national general and sectoral laws, as well as the specific regulations that we are required to perform as a publicly traded company, as well as implementing the respective regulations.

Specific information by category of stakeholders

ACS is required to process personal data from a variety of stakeholder categories and for different purposes. The main groups that we process personal data for are:

  • Shareholders and investors.
  • Employees.
  • Officers.
  • Internal legal representatives.
  • Suppliers (which in very rare cases can be individuals).
  • Visitors to our offices and facilities.
  • Legal representatives and contacts of other entities or individuals.
  • Beneficiaries of our employees' insurance.
  • Complainants (users of our Ethical Channel).
  • Candidates for job positions.

The same or different personal data from each of these groups can be used in different ways and shared with different legal entities or individuals, depending on each of the specific purposes for which we need them. For this reason, we make available to each of these stakeholder categories the information concerning the data processing that we need to perform. We provide this information both through internal and/or private channels and through this website, when applicable, in the section "Your personal data" in which, among other things, we explain:

  • Why we need to process your data.
  • For how long we keep the respective information.
  • What types of your data we may have.
  • With whom we share the data.
  • What your rights are and how you can exercise them.

In no case, do we make decisions that are exclusively automated or based on profiling, which could significantly affect you and we do not use your personal data for any other purposes other than those mentioned in the aforementioned section.

Security applied to data processing

In accordance with the applicable regulations, ACS has implemented the appropriate security, technical and organizational measures to ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of personal information, while always taking into account the nature, scope, context and purposes of each of the processing activities we perform, as well as, due to the above, the probability that a risk will occur and the impact it would have if it occurred for the people whose personal data we handle.

In general, but not limited to, we have adopted the following security measures:

  • Assignment of user permissions based on the duties they must perform.
  • Separate controls for physical and/or logical access.
  • Backup copies and support.
  • Designation of a Data Protection Delegate.
  • Management and control of media containing personal information.
  • Designation of a Security Officer.
  • Development of data protection policies and protocols.
  • Encryption of sensitive information and biannual audits as reinforcement for the types of data processing that pose the highest levels of risk, for everything that we perform.

In addition, on a regular basis, we carry out other verification processes that help us assess the effectiveness of the security measures implemented in each of the data processing steps (not only those with the highest risk), as well as the continuous improvement that allows us to guarantee the security of data processing, while taking into account the advances in technology.

Your collaboration is important

At  ACS we try to control, to the extent possible, the proper use of personal data under our responsibility by third parties to whom we were obligated to provide information. For this reason we request that, if you become aware of or suspect that any of the entities with whom we share your data or any of our suppliers above are using your personal information improperly, notify us without delay, so that we may adopt the pertinent actions that should be carried out.

Likewise, in order to guarantee that the information we have about you is correct and current, we ask that, if any change occurs in your data (for example, change of address or telephone number or similar), or if, for any reason, you detect that some of the data pertaining to you is incorrect, please notify us as soon as possible, so that we may make the appropriate changes.

In any event, if you have any notification or suggestion regarding the processing of your personal data, we ask that you send it to us by contacting our Data Protection Delegate via the email

Your rights

What are they?

You have, in general, the following rights in relation to the processing of your personal data:

Right to know: You have the right to confirm with ACS, as to whether we are processing your personal data or not and, if necessary, to obtain the information provided for in this document.

Rights to access, correction and deletion your data: You have the right to access your personal data, as well as to request the correction of inaccurate data or, where appropriate, request the deletion of your data when, among other reasons, the respective information is no longer necessary for the purposes that it was collected for.

Right to restriction of processing: In certain circumstances, you can request the restriction of the processing of your data, in which case we will only keep them for the filing or defense of claims.

Right to object: In certain circumstances and for reasons related to your particular situation, you may object to the processing of your data, in which case we will stop processing the respective information, unless there are legitimately compelling reasons or it is necessary for the filing or defense of possible claims.

Portability rights: Under certain circumstances, you have the right to have your data processed by virtue of the consent you have given us or by virtue of a contract signed with you, whether transmitted to you or directly to another company that you designate, in a structured format, of standard use and machine readable (interoperable format).

Withdrawal of consent: In relation to the processing of your data that we carry out by virtue of the consent you granted to us, you have the right to withdraw such consent at any time. Once this withdrawal occurs, unless there is another cause that provides justification for our continued processing, it will cease, however the withdrawal will not produce retroactive effects, so that it will not affect the processing that had been carried out, up until that moment.

How to exercise them?

To exercise any of these rights, you can contact ACS, ACTIVIDADES DE CONSTRUCCIÓN Y SERVICIOS, S.A. at the mailing address Avda. de Pío XII, 102, 28036, Madrid, Spain or via the email

In order to facilitate the exercising of your rights, under "Forms" in this Data Protection section on this website, the appropriate forms are available to send us your request in relation to any of the rights you wish to exercise.

Likewise, we inform you that you have the right to file a claim with the competent enforcement authority (in Spain, the Spanish Data Protection Agency or the body that replaces it in the future, for other European countries see here), if you consider that there has been any type of violation in relation to the processing of your personal data.

Our Data Protection Delegate

For additional information, or for any other question regarding the processing of your data, please contact our Data Protection Delegate at:

Address: Avda. de Pío XII, 102, 28036, Madrid, Spain.