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The Sustainability Policy of the ACS Group

The ACS Group's context of operational decentralisation requires it to adapt its strategy to the challenges and opportunities presented in a more complex and competitive sector. The Group's strategy is focused on the fact that all companies share common values and culture, while at the same time operating independently, individually contributing a multitude of valid and profitable management formulas that generate shared knowledge and best practices.

The ACS Group is positioned as one of the world's leaders in the construction and services industry, with a clear and defined mission: to pursue global leadership, optimise the return on resources used and promote sustainable development, while generating shared value for all of its stakeholders and promoting sustainable and profitable growth for its shareholders.


These commitments are implemented through the Group's Sustainability Policy, updated in its latest version approved by ACS' Board on 28 July 2022 This policy defines the principles of action for the ACS Group in this area, and the Group's relationship with its environment.

Also, in December 2021, the Board of the ACS Group approved the 2025 Sustainability Master Plan establishing the Group's sustainability strategy, setting out the commitments and strategic lines to continue "Driving the Global Sustainability of Infrastructure", and the sustainability targets set for 2025.