Corporate strategy


A worldwide reference in the industry of infrastructure development, both civil and industrial engineering projects. A Group which participates in the development of sectors which are fundamental for the economy. A Company committed to economic and social progress in the countries where it is present.


Pursuing global leadership
  • Positioning itself as one of the main players in all those sectors in which it takes part as a means of boosting its competitiveness, maximising value creation in relation to its clients and continuing to attract talent to the organisation.
  • Meeting the needs of our clients by offering a diversified portfolio of products, innovating daily and selectively investing to increase the range of services and activities offered.
  • Continuously improving quality, safety and reliability standards in the services offered in order to foster stability and to guarantee recurring income.
  • Expanding the Group's current client base through a permanent commercial effort in new markets.
Optimising the profitability of the resources managed

  • Increasing operating and financial efficiency and offering attractive profitability to our shareholders.
  • Applying strict investment criteria in line with the company's strategy of expansion and growth.
  • Maintaining a solid financial structure which facilitates the raising of resources and the maintenance of a low cost thereof.

Promoting sustainable growth

  • Helping the economy to grow by creating stable, respectable and fairly-remunerated employment.
  • Improving the society in which we live by helping to grow the economy, generating wealth through the ACS Group’s own activities, thereby guaranteeing the well-being of citizens.
  • Respecting the economic, social and environmental backdrop, innovating in the establishment of company procedures and respecting in each of the activities carried out by the Group, the recommendations of the main domestic and international institutions.


All ACS Group activities show a determined customer orientation, with a contracting culture and as a guarantee for future, building solid long-term relationships based on trust and mutual knowledge. 

The flexible and decentralized Group structure promotes the responsibility and entrepreneurship of the employees, being a basic tool for maximising profitability and encouraging the excellence necessary to offer the best services and products to the customers.

The ACS Group maintains an unavoidable commitment to sustainable development, in order to serve society in an efficient and ethically responsible manner through its capacity to create value for shareholders and all stakeholders, demanding the maximum integrity standards from its employees and collaborators.

These values, which have formed part of the Group's culture since its foundation, have created the main competitive advantages which are the cornerstone of its past and future growth.

Competitive advantages