Suppliers and contractors

Supplier and contractor management is an important aspect for the Group, since the work performed thereby has a direct influence on the quality of the final result of the projects carried out by the Group.

In ACS Group companies, the purchasing departments are responsible for managing the relationship with suppliers and contractors by means of specific systems for managing, classifying, approving and controlling the risk thereof.

As a characteristic that differentiates the Group from its competitors, it is important to highlight the distinct manner in which purchasing and supplier management departments is decentralized, in this regard. This provides Group companies with a competitive advantage as a result of the agility flexibility and autonomy granted by this model.

ACS has a variety of systems in this aspect, which vary according to companies’ operating needs. A central corporate reference department defines the policies and prices, with a greater level of autonomy, while always using a common and generalized policy. In this regard, it should be noted that in 2018, the Board of Directors of the ACS Group approved the Code of Conduct for Business Partners of ACS, which establishes the principles of action based on the Group’s Code of Conduct that Business Partners must comply with and accept expressly in their relationship with ACS.

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