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The ACS Group’s business success comes from the talent and diversity of its teams. For this reason, the company is committed to the professional development of its employees while at the same time ensuring the best working, health and safety conditions.

To retain the best professionals, the ACS Group has different corporate policies for managing people that are aligned with the best practices in this area and that are described throughout this chapter. Although each company of the Group develops its own complementary human resources policies to meet its specific needs, they all follow common guidelines:

  • Attract and hold onto the best talent, while at the same time aiming to improve the degree of responsibility and motivation of employees.
  • Promote a culture and corporate values with which the people in the ACS Group identify.
  • Promote teamwork and quality control as tools to promote the excellence of work well done.
  • Ensuring equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion.
  • Support and increase training and learning.
  • Innovating to improve processes, products and services.


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