ACS 39,84 0,20%
IBEX 35 11.327,70 0,25%
The ACS Group is a worldwide reference in the construction and services business. As a global company, it participates in developing key sectors for the world economy, while at the same time maintaining a commitment to the economic and social progress of the countries in which it operates.

The ACS Group has consolidated a business model characterised by its broad geographic and activity diversification. The main areas of the Group are divided into:

a) Construction: comprises the activities of Dragados and HOCHTIEF and is aimed at performing all types of infrastructure projects, both in civil engineering (bridges, roads, railways, hydraulics, etc.) and in building (hospitals, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, social and leisure buildings, etc.); it also provides services to develop and maintain infrastructure necessary for society (energy, transport, communications and technology, natural resources and water treatment). The geographical regions with the greatest exposure are North America, Asia Pacific and Europe, operating mainly in developed and secure markets at the geopolitical, macroeconomic and legal levels.

b) Concessions: includes Iridium's activity and the share in Abertis and is aimed at developing and operating transport concessions. These projects are performed either through direct construction models for institutional or private clients or through public–private partnership models, where the ACS Group covers the whole concession business value chain from project design through financing, construction and start-up to operation.

c) Services: It covers the activity of Clece, which offers comprehensive maintenance services for buildings, public places or organisations, and assistance to people. This area is fundamentally based in Spain but also shows incipient growth in the European market.

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