Health and Safety

The prevention of labor risks is one of the strategic pillars of all ACS Group companies. Each of these companies and the Group in general maintain the commitment to reach the most demanding standards in this area and so become a reference in health and safety protection, not only for its own employees, but also for its suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies.

The ultimate target of the ACS Group is to create a culture of occupational risk prevention enabling it to attain an accident rate of zero. The Group is getting closer and closer to reaching this goal thanks to the work of the prevention services and the commitment of employees, suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies.

Although each Group company is managed independently, the great majority of them share common principles in the management of their employees’ health and safety.

  • Compliance with current regulations on occupational risk prevention and other requirements voluntarily observed.
  • Integration of occupational risk prevention into all activities and at all levels through proper planning and implementation.
  • Adoption of measures beyond regulations to ensure employees’ protection and well-being.
  • Application of the principle of on-going improvement of the system. And the extension of its principles and the participation of employees through training and information.
  • Investment in certification of personnel and application of technological innovations to prevent accidents.
  • Development of measures to protect the safety of third parties at the companies’ facilities.

The large majority of companies have a specific department and a health and safety management system to comply with the above action plans and priorities.

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