Health and Safety

Ensuring occupational health and safety in all ACS Group companies is one of the pillars of the company's strategy. Each of these companies and the Group in general maintain the commitment to reach the most demanding standards in this area and so become a reference in health and safety protection, not only for its own employees, but also for its suppliers, contractors and collaborating companies.

The ACS Group remains firmly committed to implementing a culture of occupational risk prevention that allows the ultimate goal of zero accidents to be achieved. Occupational health and safety is one of the most important material issues for the ACS Group due to its activity, so management of this issue is being handled as a priority. Throughout 2021, investment in occupational health and safety reached EUR 972.5 per employee. The decrease in investment by 12.1% compared to the previous year in comparable terms was due to the fact that initial extraordinary investments due to the COVID-19 health crisis had to be made in 2020.

Although each company of the Group is managed independently and has its own action plans, common principles are followed in managing the safety and health of workers and other stakeholders:

  • Compliance with the current regulations on occupational risk prevention and adoption of other more stringent measures in accordance with the requirements voluntarily agreed upon.
  • Integration of occupational risk prevention into all activities and at all levels through proper planning and implementation.
  • Application of the principle of ongoing improvement in health and safety management systems, including the performance of the actions necessary to protect employees and third parties in the facilities of each of the companies.
  • Promotion of training of workers on occupational health and safety aspects, as well as the allocation of the investments necessary to achieve the most innovative techniques for accident prevention.

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