Regulatory compliance


Section 25 of the Rules of the Board of Directors Regulations, amended on 17 December 2020 to adapt it to the partial revision of Good Governance Code of Listed Companies, approved by the CNMV on 26 June 2020, indicates, in regard to the functions of the Audit Committee in corporate governance and sustainability for environmental and social issues, that this specialised Committee within the Board of Directors is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Company’s environmental, social and corporate governance policies and rules, as well as with the internal codes of conduct, and has the following functions:

a) Supervision of compliance with corporate governance rules and the Company’s internal codes of conduct, also ensuring that the corporate culture is aligned with its purpose and values.

b) Supervision of the application of the general policy relating to the communication of economicfinancial, non-financial and corporate information, as well as communication with shareholders and investors, voting advisers and other stakeholders. The way in which the Company communicates and relates to small and medium-sized shareholders will also be monitored.

c) Regular evaluation of the suitability of the Company’s system of corporate governance to ensure that it fulfils its mission of promoting the corporate interest and takes the legitimate interests of the remaining stakeholders into account in an appropriate manner.

d) Supervision to ensure that the Company’s environmental and social practices comply with the defined strategy and policy.

e) Supervision and evaluation of relations processes with the different stakeholders.

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