Regulatory compliance

The ACS Group and its constituent companies are firmly committed to complying with the law and the ethical principles contained in its compliance policies and procedures. Through the ACS Group Compliance Management System, members of the organization, their business partners and stakeholders are guaranteed transparent management in which financial and non-financial information is made available to their shareholders, analysts and investors, for risk assessment, both in the short and long term. This seeks to generate value in the Group and to strengthen investor confidence.

The parent company of the ACS Group, approved its compliance management model on July 25, 2018, giving the Compliance Committee, under the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, the necessary powers in the areas of criminal compliance, anti-bribery, market abuse, competition, privacy and data and tax protection, which were extended in May 2019 to all matters covered by the ACS Group’s consolidated nonfinancial information statement, and in general, any other matters that may be considered included within the compliance policy.
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