List of material aspects

In accordance with the principles established by the GRI Standards to define the contents of the 2022 Integrated Report, the ACS Group carried out a materiality analysis in 2022, introducing for the first time the concept of dual materiality, identifying on the one hand the issues relevant to the creation of value of the ACS Group, as well as the level of impact that the development of the ACS Group's activity may have on the economy, the environment and people, including human rights impacts.

To carry out this exercise, some of the issues that had already been identified as relevant in the comprehensive review carried out in 2021 and that served as the starting point for the ACS Group's strategic thinking on sustainability (2025 Sustainability Master Plan) were taken up.

To identify the relevant matters and the sub-matters included in each of them, a verified methodology was used.

The results of weighting, by means of an arithmetic mean, the topics identified both at an internal (creation of value for the Group) and external (impacts of the ACS Group's activity) level were used to design a materiality matrix representing the results obtained in accordance with their external and internal relevance, identifying and ranking twenty-one relevant issues for the ACS Group, which are described below:


The twenty-one material issues identified in the materiality matrix have been ordered in a hierarchy according to their overall relevance, as shown in the following table:

For more information about the methodology and complete results of this materiality analysis, please click here.