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ACS will build and exploit the new waste water purifying plant in Dublin Bay during 20 years

Drace Medio Ambiente and Dragados, affiliates from the construction division, secure a contract worth 160 million euros

Madrid, 25th July 2008. The County of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, southeast of the capital of Ireland, has awarded the Shanganagh & Bray Main Drainage Scheme to a consortium made up by Drace Medio Ambiente, Dragados and a local partner. The project will consist of the construction and exploitation during 20 years of one of the largest waste water purifying plants in the Dublin Bay area.
The contract, worth 162 million euros, consists of the design and construction of a waste water purifying plant and the subsequent exploitation of the plant during a 20-year period. The construction term for the water treatment facility is approximately two years.
The new purifying plant will have the capacity to treat 43,750 cubic m of water a day and it will be servicing over 180,000 inhabitants in the area. The plant includes a secondary treatment that reduces organic pollution by over 90%, substantially improving the quality of the purified water that is pumped into the sea, as well as a treatment for bio-solids at the same facilities to reuse the matter in farming.
The treated water will be pumped into Dublin Bay via an existing submarine pipeline that is 6 km long. With these measures local authorities are trying to improve the quality of the bay water in order to comply with domestic and EC regulations and they also want to enhance the quality of the beaches in the area to achieve the ‘Blue Flag’ granted by the EU.
The construction project for this waste water purifying plant has taken into account the fulfilment of the requirements of the environmental impact study in terms of odours, noise, visual intrusion and traffic limitations. Because of the location of the plant, which is quite close to residential areas, odour control has required a great deal of attention, and as a result nearly all of the stages in the process are covered. Also, a smell dispersion model has been applied to certify the fulfilment of the maximum allowances.
With this award, Drace Medio Ambiente continues its international growth after having built some of the most important purifying plants in Spain—in the areas of Baix Llobregat and Besós in Barcelona, Alcira in Valencia, and Rejas in Madrid.