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ACS Group, investor and operator of a data center in Madrid


The ACS Group, an investor and operator of data centers, has agreed through Iridium and Arcano to purchase a parcel of land in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) ready for the construction of a new data center with 6,7 hectares of land and 50MW of guaranteed energy supply. The project will be developed over the next 5 years and the data center is expected to start operations in 2025.

The asset is located in one of the premium locations for data centers in the so-called "Corredor del Henares" in Madrid, an area that has become a target for both operators and hyperscalars, thanks to its unbeatable connection through the main fiber axis in the peninsula, which runs along the A2 connecting Madrid with Barcelona.

ACS Group has a leading position in the data center industry through its subsidiary Turner (a leading company in the construction of data centers in the United States) and CIMIC Group in Australia and Asia-Pacific. This milestone represents a further step in the consolidation of ACS Group's global position in digital infrastructure, recognizes the potential of the Spanish market and supports ACS Group's strategy of taking advantage of expansion opportunities in growth markets for new generation infrastructure.