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ACS Group - Disclaimer

Madrid, December 16, 2013. As a consequence of a piece of information released by a communication agency that refers to a hypothetical process in which the Group’s participations are sold into diverse societies, including those of Yoigo and Iberdrola, ACS would like to clarify that it hasn’t initiated any sales process of the mentioned actives nor has intention to do so in the near future.
As part of its transparency and communication policy with the markets, the Group regularly makes corporative presentations aimed for investors and analysts, which is released openly through CNMV and/or its own web-site.
In its last publication, available through our web-site (, the value of the financial and non-strategic actives of the Group are disclosed into books, with a strictly and indicative goal of valuation. Nevertheless, it is not stated at any moment that ACS has initiated any kind of sales process of those actives.