Industrial Services

The ACS Group’s Industrial Services area is one of the main global competitors in the field of applied industrial engineering, with projects in more than 50 countries. Its activity is focused on the development, construction, maintenance and operation of energy, industrial and mobility infrastructures through a large group of companies.

The activities in the ACS Group’s Industrial Services area combine two fundamental lines of business: Support Services to Industry and EPC Projects.

Support Services to Industry are aimed at industrial maintenance contracts and services, as well as support services to the clients’ operational activities, and in turn cover three areas of activity: 
Networks, Specialised Products and Control Systems.


Electricity, gas and water network maintenance services and activities, in which the ACS Group has over 80 years’ experience.

Specialised products

Covering construction, installation and maintenance activities for high-voltage electricity lines, telecommunications systems, railway installations, electricity facilities, mechanical assemblies and heating and cooling systems.

Control Systems

Activities for installing and operating control systems for industrial and municipal services, noteworthy among which are traffic and transport control systems and systems for comprehensive management of public infrastructures, segments in which ACS has become the leading engineering supplier.

The ACS Group’s activity in EPC Projects focus on the execution of “turnkey” or EPC  projects for the design, construction and commissioning of projects connected to the energy sector (electricity generation, also being noteworthy for the execution of projects related to renewable energies, assets related to the oil and gas sector, among others) and engineering applied to industry.

Integrated projects

Projects focus on the execution of “turnkey” or EPC  projects for the design, construction and commissioning of projects connected to the energy sector.

With its more than 46,000 employees, in 50 countries, the Industrial Services area keeps to focus on consolidating its position as a global benchmark in the sector, through ongoing technological innovation and its technical excellence. This, seeking to efficiently and profitably combine Industrial Support activities which provide greater recurrence and stability with the activity of EPC Projects, which, being specialised and specific solutions for each client, contribute higher profitability levels.

Main aggregates

Backlog by Geoghrapical areas

Millions of Euros 2019 2019 % Var.
Sales 6,530 6,530 -10.4%
Gross operating profit (EBITDA) 693 693 -4.6%
Net operating profit (EBIT) 594 594 -6.2%
Net profit 600 600 -48.0%
Backlog 9,924 9,924 -10.2%