The ACS Group’s Construction area is aimed at executing of all kinds of projects:

Civil Works

Activities related developments such as highways, railways, maritime and airport works

Building Works

Residential, social infrastructure and facilities


Contracts for the provision of mining services and the infrastructure required for mining activities

These projects are executed either via direct construction models for institutional or private clients or via public–private partnership models, where the ACS Group covers the whole concession business value chain, from project design through financing, construction and start-up to operation.

These activities are performed by the main companies in this area and subsidiaries:


In this way, the ACS Group positions itself as a global leading company  in Construction, with projects in over 30 countries worldwide and in 2016 it had more than 57,000 employees.

Main aggregates

(Millions of Euros) 2015    2016   %Var.  
Sales 25,319  24,217  -4.4% 
Gross operating profit (EBITDA) 1,438  1,405  -2.3% 
Net operating profit (EBIT) 821  909  10.7% 
Net profit 304 311  2.2% 
Backlog 48,874  55,769  14.1% 

Backlog by Geoghrapical areas