Regulatory compliance

The ACS Group and the companies that comprise it are firmly committed to complying with its internal codes and the Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Throughout 2018, all divisions of the ACS Group proceeded to implement Compliance Management Systems, aligned with the main international regulatory standards. This process culminated in the last quarter of the 2018 period with the certification of the criminal compliance systems of the Group’s head companies (ISO Standard 37001 and UNE Standard 19601).

In this manner, in 2018, the head companies of ACS in Spain were equipped with a criminal and anti-bribery Compliance Management System in order to structure an environment for the prevention, detection and early management of criminal and anti-bribery Compliance Risks, as well as to reduce its undesired effects in the event that they materialize, contributing to the generation of an ethical culture and respect for the Law among all ACS associates.
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