The ACS Group is a continuously evolving organisation that responds to the growing demand for improvements in processes, technological advances and quality of service from its customers and from society.

The company’s commitment to innovation is clear from its increased investment and the R&D efforts made by the ACS Group year after year. The result of this effort leads to, among others, improvements in productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, occupational safety, the use of new materials and products, and the design of more efficient production processes and systems.

Management of innovation at Group companies normally has the following characteristics: 

  • The function is assumed by technology management, usually the Technological Development Committee.
  • R&D is managed through recognised management systems, customarily the UNE 166002:2006 standard. Usually, standard UNE 166002:2006. 
  • Compliance with reference standards is reviewed through independent audits.

Compliance with the requirements of the systems usually involves the development of individual strategic lines of research, collaboration with external organisations, investment that seeks to promote research and regular generation of new patents and operating techniques.

The ACS Group’s capabilities were strengthened and complemented through the alliances with technological centres, research institutes and universities, as well as other institutions related to R&D in order to successfully complete the innovation processes.

The ACS Group invested more than €30 million in research, development and innovation (1) in 2017.

In 2017, the ACS Group had 128 projects in process and had registered 6 patents. Over the last 10 years, Group companies have registered a total of 64 patents.

(1) This indicator reached a scope of 52.93% of sales in 2017