Program one

Prgramme One seeks to promote good management practices and is framed in the Group’s general strategy, focused on reinforcing ACS’s world leadership. The objective of One is to promote the eminently industrial nature of ACS’s activities by spreading its corporate culture and promotion good management practices focuses on the following major areas:

  • Ethics;
  • Efficiency, involving Client, Quality, Supplier, Environmental and R&D+i policies; and
  • Employees, related to Personnel, Health and Safety and Social Action policies of the ACS Group.



The process of promoting best practices is divided into two phases implemented every year; a first one includes a detailed analysis of the position of the Group’s different companies in terms of Corporate Responsibility and the on the aforementioned management areas.

The second phase is where the implementation of a series of strategies and good practices in each company is recommended. These are a result of the Group’s strategic vision, in line with the aforementioned company values and might represent an area for substantial improvement.

This process is conducted in a manner which is supervised by independent external consultants and inspectors who qualify the inclusion of improvements periodically, both at the functional and procedural levels.

The results expected from One allow:

  • Continuing redefinition of a repository of non-financial, best governance, environmental and social best practices.
  • Regular assurance of their implementation in the various Group companies and of the monitoring of their management indicators.
  • Aligning the ACS Group with the best international practices in sustainability.
  • The ellaboration of the Corporate Responsibility Report, including a summary of ACS’s governance, environmental and social policies.