List of material aspects

Following the principles established by GRI Standards to define the content of the 2018 Integrated Report, the ACS Group has carried out a process of updating the materiality analysis that it performed in 2015 and that was revised in subsequent years.

To update the analysis, the list of relevant subjects identified in 2015 has been reviewed, taking it as a base and updating it through an external cabinet study.

The results of weighting the topics identified both at an internal and external level have been used to design a materiality matrix representing the results obtained in accordance with their external and internal relevance, identifying the 11 material aspects for the ACS Group, which are detailed as follows:

The 11 most important matters identified in the materiality matrix have been ordered in a hierarchy according to their level of global relevance, as shown in the following table:

For more information about the methodology and complete results of this materiality analysis, please click here.