CSR Strategy

The ACS Group is positioned as a world leader in the infrastructure development industry, with a clear and defined mission.

Improving society, generating wealth to guarantee the wellbeing of the citizens it serves, in the fi nal analysis, is a primordial part of the ACS Group’s mission.

The ACS Group’s commitment to society is summarised in four fields of action:

     1. Respect for ethics, integrity and professionalism in the Group’s relationship with its Stakeholders. 
     2. Respect for the social, economic and environmental setting. 
     3. Promotion of innovation and research in its application to infrastructure development. 
     4. Creation of employment and well-being, as an economic motor for society.

This performance and all the Group’s activities are impregnated with the corporate values that ACS has developed over its 30 years of history and form the basis of the actions of all the Group’s employees:

     - Achieving Profitability
     - Respecting Integrity
     - Commitment to their work
     - Seeking the client’s trust 
     - Excellence in their professional activities