In so far as the Facility Management activities carried out by Clece, in 2018 it had more than 75,000 employees, these are structured into three main areas:

Services for people

Covering the assistance needs and resources aimed at certain collectives, such as elderly citizens, dependent people, disabled people and children aged up until the age of three, including services such as care for the elderly; managing playschools and collective restoration.

Services for buildings

Include the necessary services for ensuring the optimal operation of any property, such as maintenance, energy efficiency, cleaning, security, logistics and auxiliary services. 

Services for the city and the environment

Encompassing all activities aimed at preserving and caring for public spaces such as managing public lighting which includes investing in changing light fittings, environmental services and airport services.

Main aggregates

Backlog by Geoghrapical area

Millions of Euros 2017 2018 % Var.
Sales 1,446 1,505 +4.1%
Gross operating profit (EBITDA) 73 80 +8.5%
Net operating profit (EBIT) 48 55 +14.4%
Net profit 37 37 -0.2%
Backlog 2,267 3,028 +33.6%