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Actividades de Construcción y Servicios

Professional Development

The performance assessment models in ACS companies are based on the competences and parameters for each work post, as described in the management systems.

Although the companies manage the professional development of their workforces independently, they all share some common elements, namely:

  • They allow the worker to talk about their job situation, express their interests and motivations, both personal and professional, their geographic flexibility, their training interests and their idea of their professional future in the company
  • The carrying out of performance assessments using numerous methodologies, including 360º analyses, meetings with clients, periodic follow-up meetings, evaluation of the profitability of the work post compared to the results obtained, etc.
  • They enable the company to show a receptive attitude to the information obtained from its workers, in order to be able to deal with their concerns, as far as possible, by implementing corrective actions.
  • They allow decision making to be accelerated when selecting appropriate personnel for specific posts, as well as in determining professional promotion or increasing worker employability.
  • They enable fair and equitable measures to be established for setting the variable remuneration, in management by objectives, in which the goals the employee needs to achieve to obtain their variable remuneration are agreed systematically and recurrently.
  • Compliance with the ACS Group Code of Conduct is confirmed. It is important to emphasise that there is a zero tolerance policy in the ACS Group to breaches of the Code of Conduct. See the section on Ethics in this document.


These methodologies are consolidated and functioning fully in various ACS Group companies.