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Actividades de Construcción y Servicios

Employees by professional category<br />Superior degree => 20901.00<br />Intermediate degree => 11152.00<br />Technicians no degree => 17055.00<br />Administratives => 8972.00<br />Others => 138887.00<br />

ACS employees

The ACS Group employs a total of 196,967 people, 83,750 of whom work in Spain and 113,217 abroad. Of all the employees, 38,983 people are of a different nationality to that of their company’s head office. The ACS Group has employees in more than 70 countries, in which it promotes its workers’ economic and social development.


Personnel by geographical area<br />Europe => 64.00<br />Americas => 20.60<br />Asia => 10.20<br />Africa => 0.90<br />Oceania => 4.20<br />