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Actividades de Construcción y Servicios

Information Transparency

An essential requirement for the ACS Group to be able to fulfil its mission of generating profitability for its shareholders and the society in which it operates, is information transparency. The objective of this strategy is to ensure that its activity is as open as possible and that the interests of its clients and the company’s other stakeholders are respected. The ACS Group is committed to total rigour in the information transmitted, especially with respect to media.

This general objective of transparency is stated by means of the following guidelines:

  • Conveying the Company’s overall corporate strategies, as well as those specific to each of the Company’s business areas, to the outside world.
  • Projecting the Group’s business reality so that the Group’s different stakeholders recognise it as being sound and well-managed in Spain and abroad.
  • Contributing to the make-up of a positive corporate image which helps to achieve business objectives and commercial activity.
  • Maintaining a fluent relationship with external agents, particularly with representatives of the media.
  • All of the above leads to an increase in the value of the ACS brand and of its different companies and businesses.


The ACS Group manages its commitment to transparency towards its stakeholders by three main means:

  • The ACS Group’s Communications Department.
  • The ACS Group Website.
  • Shareholder and investor information activities.


The ACS Group’s relationship with all forms of media is fluently and transparently led by the Group’s Communications Department and involves interviews, press releases and contact on the corporate website, as well as meetings with journalists.