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Actividades de Construcción y Servicios

Contracts Awarded

    - Design and construction of the hi segment of State Highway (“SH”) 288 from U.S. Route (“US”) 59 to the Harris County line at Clear Creek (Texas, United States)

    - Design and construction of a six kilometre extension of the Mitchell Freeway in Perth’s NorthWest corridor. (Australia)

    - Replacement of structurally deficient bridges on Interstate 25 over Ilex Street and reconstruction of a strecht of I25 in Pueblo (Colorado, United States)

    - Rehabilitation and improvement works for the Interstate 5 road in the Genesee Avenue Interchange in San Diego (California, United States)

    - Widening works of the Interstate 5 in the Avenida Pico area in San Clemente (California, United States)

    - Design and constructionof the new bridge over the St. Lawrence River in Montreal (Canada)

    - Design and construction of Sydney’s M4 East Motorway that will join the M4 Widening at Homebush Bay Drive(Sydney, Australia)

    - Melbourne’s CityLink Tulla Widening project between Bulla Road and Power Street (Australia)

    - Construction of the road between Mulaló and Guerrero (Colombia)

    - Contract to build the Gloggnitz Tunnel situated on the edge of the city of Gloggnitz in southern Lower Austria .

    - Design and construction of major works for the Torrens Road to River Torrens project on the NorthSouth Corridor (Adelaide, Australia)

    - Rehabilitation of the Springfield Viaduct Bridge in the I-91 in Massachussets (USA)

    - Works for the enlargement of the I-95 (SR 93) in Hernando County (Florida, USA)

    - Works for the construction of the road SR-429, as well as bridges and other associated facilities (Florida, United States)

    - Widening of SR 8 (I-10) from Escambia Bay Bridge to East of SR 281 (Avalon Blvd.) to six lanes (Florida, United States)

    - Improvement and widening works for the SR-15 road (Florida, United States)

    - Works for the contruction ot ht road Ruta Nacional nº 7 between San Andrés and Junin (Argentina)

    - Contract to design and build a new interchange at Provincial Trunk Highway 59 and PTH 101 in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada)

    - Improvement works on State Highway 1 in Auckland inclueded in the Southern Coorridor improvement projects (New Zealand)

    - Construction of the Radom ringroad in the S-7 express road (Poland)

    - Construction of Segovia ringroad (Spain)

    - Design and construction of the new M5 motorway that will run via twin tunnels from the existing M5 East at Kingsgrove to a new interchange at St Peters (Sydney).The project wil be developed in a JV Dragados - CIMIC and it is in the stage 2 of the WestConnex project (Sidney, Australia)

    - Rehabilitation and improvement works in the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge in the highway US-181 (Texas, United States)

    - Works for the enlargement of the I-95 in Miami (United States)

    - Project for the construction of the M-11 highway between Gorey and Enniscorthy (Ireland)

    - Design and build contract of the S6 road between Kielpino-Kolombrezeg in Poland.

    - Contract for the design and construction of the S5 road between Tryszczyn and Biale Blota in Poland.

    - Project for the development of a double carriageway in the road Ruta Nacional 50, between Pichanal and Oran (Argentina)