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Actividades de Construcción y Servicios


The ACS Group’s Construction activity focuses basically on the development of all types of Civil Works and Building infrastructures, carried out through an extensive group of companies, with Dragados being the lead company in the area.

Construction activity develops all types of infrastructures, through its three lead companies in this area Dragados, Hochtief and Iridium.

The ACS Group’s Construction activity focuses basically on developing all types of infrastructures, through construction projects for both public and private clients, as well as carrying out projects under concession arrangements through various public-private partnership contract models, covering the whole concession business value chain, from project design to financing, construction, commissioning and operation.

The integration of Hochtief into the Construction area fits in with the strategic objectives for the area; seeking to maintain a leadership position in Spain through Dragados and Iridium, while consolidating and expanding the ACS Group’s presence in international markets by taking advantage of synergies between the three companies and their complementary nature, always seeking to maximum operational efficiency by carrying out larger projects with higher technical complexity, which provide the Group with higher margins of profitability.

Sales per Geographical Areas<br />Spain => 6.00<br />Rest of Europe => 11.00<br />Asia Pacific => 52.00<br />America => 31.00<br />
Backlog per Geographical Areas<br />Spain => 7.00<br />Europe => 14.00<br />Asia Pacific => 53.00<br />America => 25.00<br />