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17:38h / Share price ACS:
25,65 Share price down -1,97%
/ IBEX 35:
8.587,20 Share price up 1,27%

Actividades de Construcción y Servicios

Press releases

  • July, 29th 2016

    ACS gains 388 million euros of net profit in the first half of 2016  see more

  • May, 12th 2016

    ACS gains 220 million euros, 6% higher due to operating improvement and financial expenses reduction  see more

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Significant events

  • July, 29th 2016

    Others about corporate governance  see more

  • July, 29th 2016

    Composition of the board of directors  see more

  • July, 22nd 2016

    Increases and decreases of share capital  see more

  • July, 12th 2016

    Increases and decreases of share capital  see more

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1H 16 Results

The Report Results 1H 2016

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Scrip Dividend

The number of free allocation rights needed to receive one new share was of 38.

14 July 2016: Cash payment to the shareholders who requested their remuneration (0.707 €).

22 July 2016: Date that the new shares to started trading on the Spanish stock exchanges.  see more

2016 General Shareholders’ Meeting

Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company to was be held in Madrid on 5 May 2016. see more

Informe Anual

ACS Group Annual Report 2015

 see more