The Group’s commitment to the markets, shareholders and investors is upheld in its information transparency. In addition, shareholders’ right to information is detailed in several parts of the Shareholders’ General Meeting By-laws. Hence, in order for the General Shareholders’ Meeting to properly serve the function for which it was designed, prior to each Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors makes all the information which is legally required to be provided to shareholders available to them all, in addition to information that is not legally required to be provided, but that should be made available, given the interests of the company and of the shareholders, for them to form their opinion. In this regard, the Group responds to requests formulated by shareholders for the purpose of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, provided that the Company’s interests are not jeopardised.

The ACS Group uses various channels to meet this commitment to communication and transparency, whether through the Group website, the investor relationship and shareholder service department or by means of various instruments created ad hoc, such as the shareholders’ web forum.

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