The ACS combines its business aims with the objective of protecting the environment and appropriately managing the expectations of its stakeholders in this area. ACS’s environmental policy defines the general principles to be followed and these are sufficiently flexible as to accommodate the elements of policy and planning of the companies in the various business areas and to comply with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard. Stipulated within these principles are:

• Commitment to complying with the legislation
• Commitment to preventing pollution
• Commitment to continuous improvement
• Commitment to transparency, communication and the training of Group employees, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders

Specifically and operationally, the main environmental measures centre around four keys risks:

• The fight against climate change
• Promoting eco-efficiency
• Water saving
• Respect for biodiversity

In order to be able to articulate and deploy a policy based on these environmental commitments, the most significant are identified at corporate level and are compared with each company’s management system and the environmental priorities for each business. Targets and improvement programmes are established for each of these priorities by company or group of companies. The responsibility of overseeing the ACS Group’s environmental performance falls to the Environmental Department in each group of companies.

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