R+D projects

In general, in the ACS Group Construction R+D+i area, the main projects by line of action worked on were:
EXPLOTUN (CDTI) Geotechnical exploration and improvement of the terrain in front of the tunnel boring machine
CLEAM (CENIT) Sustainable infrastructures for transport
OASIS (CENIT) Optimisation of motorway use. Joint elimination (MF): Elimination of expansion joints in existing bridges
REHABCAR (INNPACTO) Restoration of roads and motorways (layout, road surfaces and bridges). Machine for positioning and squaring of railway sleepers
HYPODE Sustainable infrastructures for transport
EFESOS Sustainable railway stations; new systems for collecting and accumulating renewable energies; recovery of residual energy from railway systems in stations and tunnels
INDIO Development of a System to Detect the Aproach of Trains, Broken Rail and Other Railway Applications
OVER-RAIL Development of a new material to reduce Wheel-Rail-Interaction noise, intends to achieve an important improvement in the reduction of railway noise 
EXCAVA Explore, Characterize and Visualize 
FATE Asphalt Pavements for Extreme Temperatures 
INFIT Inspection and detection of Fissures in railway Tunnels
ITSAFE Safe Interchange Stations faced with loud explosions 
RATIO Innovation in Augmented Reality Technologies to be used in Measurement Topographic Systems
GESTTOR Catalogue of products for traffic management from objective and real trip time measurements 
AVATTRACK Smart high performance robotic system for railway construction and maintenance optimization, based on artificial vision and sensor fusión
IRONESS Development of global solutions for rail corrugation based on theoretical-experimental analysis 
DURADOV Development of reinforced concrete segments with nonmetallic fibers of high durability and improved sustainability
VEHICLE ON-TRACK           Light on-track vehicle for track&infrastructure inspection and maintenance provided with computers and sensors for intelligent operation 
I3CON (UE) Industrialised, Integrated and Intelligent construction
CÍCLOPE (ESP) Analysis of the environmental impact of buildings throughout their life cycle
FAMAX New photocatalytic, self-cleaning materials for the construction of GRC façades with maximum environmental sustainability
RIMAC Application of High Production Industrial Wastes for the development of new materials for civil works and building
SHERIFF Hybrid and economic system of flexible façade rehabilitation
SIRAE                        Augmented Reality System for Self]Inspection of Energy Efficient Buildings
ALIVESCA Hydraulic design of stepped spillways without side walls in roll compacted concrete dams                             
DYNAPORT (MF) Durability of concrete in maritime works
DILAPE (MF) Pendulum caisson for dissipation of energy and exploitation of wave power
CLIOMAR (CDTI) Influence of meteo-oceanographic climate on the life cycle of maritime Works                
MENHIR Concrete floating platform for wind resource exploitation in deep wáter
ALOE Development of a holistic information system to monitor and control civil infrastructures using laser measuring technologies
ALOE (Avanza) Monitoring with 3D laser: Building and civil works
SICURA Augmented reality applied to building and the maintenance of tunnel boring machines


Optimisation of planning and construction of visible concrete structures with complex shapes
MAPLA (Avanza) Interactive platform for management of heavy machinery maintenance.
TAILORCRETE (UE) New industrial technologies for developing custom structures in cement and concrete
DIRECTION Innovative and cost-effective energy efficiency technologies for the achievement of very low energy new buildings                                                      
UPSOIL                                Technologies for decontamination by chemical oxidation and reduction
PROMARES Environmental protection of the coast and marine habitat
CLAY DIFFUSION Diffusion of pollutants in urban waste dump barriers and their evolution with time. Establishment of selection criteria for plant species for stabilisation of slopes and the development of new nursery and planting techniques
CUMED Analysis for the implementation of innovative ecologic roofs and façades in cities with Mediterranean weather
PATRAC Accessible heritage. A no-barriers culture
GIBICMED Integral management of real property of cultural interest by means of digital structural monitoring
CIBIC                               Conservation of infrastructures based on computational intelligence
LINEO Real-time locating system based on interactive technologies for its application in construction environments
S4BIM Sensing System for the Survey of construction processes using BIM Services